Justice and Freedom for Syria

Supporting Syria's peaceful journey for freedom and justice

Justice and Freedom for Syria

Please support our cause of ending the reign of the brutally oppressive Assad Regime in Syria…

This is the story of the Syrian people’s march towards FREEDOM:

On March, 2011, the Syrian people decided that they have had enough and could no longer tolerate corruption and oppression they have endured for 45 years under Bashar Al-Assad and his father Hafez before him. They took to the streets in peaceful demonstration asking for their basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The regime responded by sending the army and armed militias of Assad supporters with orders to open fire on any demonstrators and with the intent to mercilessly squash the protests.
Today, nearly 9 months after the start of this peaceful revolution, the torture and killings continue: the official numbers indicate more than 7,000 killed, more than 50,000 detained, and tens of thousands more missing. The world has stood by watching idly while the Assad killing machine slaughters our fellow mankind for demanding their basic freedoms

How You Can Help:

Contact your federal MP, asking them to publicly call on Stephen Harper to remove the Canadian Ambassador to Syria and cut all relations with a brutal illegitimate regime. MP contact info can be found at www.parl.gc.ca


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2 thoughts on “Justice and Freedom for Syria

  1. I saw your presentation at SMU Student Center and spoke with several of your group. Very informative and helpful. I hope life gets better in Syria soon. Thank you for sharing your hopes and concerns with me.

    • The year 2012 has started off with many unfortunate civilian deaths, but things are looking up as the Assad regime’s time runs out. Thank you for your continued support during this humanitarian crisis

      -JFS Volunteer

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