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An Open Letter to Asma AlAssad (Bashar’s Wife)

Dear Asma,

I am writing to you when the world curses you and your children. I am not convinced that a young, educated, British mother is supportive of what is happening in Syria today. I am sure that you are in a complicated situation, and I will not pretend to understand. But what I do know is that one of the greatest women of history was the wife of the Pharaoh of Egypt. It was her not standing with her tyrant and oppressive husband that made her powerful and a symbol for all women. Though she may have remained married to Pharaoh, the world knew where she stood, and later we learned that the baby she saved from the basket and raised was the very man Pharaoh was afraid of.

You can be the modern wife of Pharaoh. You can help end the injustice, the brutality, the bloodshed in Syria, in your hometown. If you don’t agree that the opposition groups are simply peaceful protesters, then the least we can both agree to is that no child should ever have to lose a leg, an arm, have his back broken, or blown up in a school bus for the consequences of the adults in their world. If this was your Hafez, Zain, or Karim, what would you do?

Please find the compassion in your heart, use it, and help the people who need you right now. You will be forever remembered as one of the greatest women, just like the wife of Pharaoh, if you simply stand up for what is right.

Hajar Abdul-Rahim

(Please continue to share and send to blogs/newspapers, etc until it reaches her)


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