Justice and Freedom for Syria

Supporting Syria's peaceful journey for freedom and justice


The Syrian people have suffered a year full of atrocities.

Russia, China, and Iran are openly supplying the very weapons and ammunition that are leveling entire cities and burying families under the rubble of their own homes. These brutal assaults on civilians have been occurring across the country for the past year. Most recently, the city of Homs was closed off and bombarded for 27 straight days with newly delivered Russian tanks and anti-aircraft munitions. These weapons were used on civilian neighborhoods and residential buildings causing massive loss of life. After the city was leveled, the government sent militias into what has been described as a ghost town, and systematically slaughtered entire families who had sympathized with the peaceful uprising. These gruesome thugs would go into homes with knives and machetes and slit the throats of anyone inside the homes, from 1-month-old infants to elderly men and women, with absolutely no remorse. What can you say to these families and individuals that have lived and witnessed these unimaginable crimes? What answer can you give them when they ask ‘where is the world’ ? Are they not viewed as people by the rest of humanity?

Inaction from the world community continues to be cold and disheartening. We hear plenty of talk about the risks involved with a military operation in Syria, but when looking at the big picture, these are merely political excuses that have no place with regards to what we are witnessing. The Syrian people are dealing with a government that has absolutely no morals, and kills indiscriminately. They are dealing with a president who is willing to kill millions just to put the nation back in the fear cycle that has allowed his family to hold power for almost 50 years.

The world is a spectator of these crimes, discussing peace plans and “condemning” actions, but in reality just buying time for Assad’s killing machine to continue the extermination of his own people. As the number of dead approaches 10,000 with 50,000+ people missing or in custody, the time for peace talks with Assad and his goons has long passed. The world must put its trillion dollar weaponry where its mouth is and immediately put an end to this massacre of an entire nation. What is the purpose of having armies or even a UN if we can’t simply stop this type of behavior by a ruthless genocidal dictator.

-JFS admin


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  1. Great piece. Hits the nail on the head. We can all say it is not our business and it is not where we want our tax money spent and many might agree with that but remember, this could have been the other way around and we could have been massacred and asking the world for help and find some greedy Syrian saying I do not want to spend my tax money helping those Canadians, it is their problem.

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