Justice and Freedom for Syria

Supporting Syria's peaceful journey for freedom and justice

Thursday June 21, 2012 Interactive Map

Click Here or on the preview below to view a detailed interactive map showing all the day’s events along with locations across Syria:

SUMMARY (21/06/2012): At least 126 martyrs have fallen today, including at least 10 kids, mostly in Daraa, Damascus countryside and Homs as Assad added at least 4 new massacres to his already long list of atrocities (Inkhil, Kafar Shamis, Duma, Deir Baalbah). The Syrian pilot who escaped today with his MIG 21 got political asylum in Jordan and the whole world was talking about it, although they didn’t discuss what this implies about the effectiveness of the Syrian air defense system that they’ve all been talking up. See the map for more info.


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