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Supporting Syria's peaceful journey for freedom and justice

Monday August 20, 2012 Interactive Map

Click Here or on the preview below to view a detailed interactive map showing all the day’s events along with locations across Syria:

SUMMARY (20/08/2012): At least 140 martyrs fell today, including many kids, mostly around Damascus, where there were massacres in Daraya, Moaddamiya and Qaboun, and also in al-Herak in Daraa province. In Aleppo a Japanese journalist, and possibly also a Turkish journalist, have been killed covering the fighting in the city. We haven’t been able to get their names yet. Meanwhile, Obama said today “US thinking on possible military involvement in Syria would change if chemical or biological weapons came into play.” There have been 25,000 recorded deaths in the last 17 months. The current death rate is more than 1,000 a week. Does the fact that these were “only” caused by knives, bullets, tank and mortar shells, rockets and bombs make it OK? So, we are not counting on Obama (or Romney) or Cameron or any other hypocrite to rescue us. But if the international community is not morally prepared to help us, it would be nice for them not to bargain and make deals on our blood. See the map for more info.


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