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Saturday September 8, 2012 Interactive Map

Click Here or on the preview below to view a detailed interactive map showing all the day’s events along with locations across Syria:

SUMMARY (08/09/2012): At least 172 martyrs were killed today, more than half in Aleppo where Assad’s forces shelled a field hospital killing most of those inside and one of the main pipes supplying drinking water to the city of 2.5 million has been broken. Meanwhile in Damascus the regime’s forces raided al-Basel hospital in Yarmouk Palestinian Camp whose population has been increased by thousands of displaced coming from other areas of the capital. It is important to mention that Syria didn’t have a civil society before the revolution while international organisations, with some brave exceptions such as MSF, are not prepared to actually enter conflict areas or work without explicit authorisation by the regime. So, while Assad has managed to make the death of 200 per day acceptable, the hundreds more that fall injured everyday do not even get mentioned and they are relying on the efforts of extremely heroic volunteers working with very limited resources. The regime’s deliberate denial of medical care is leaving many with serious life-changing injuries that could perhaps otherwise have been treated. See the map for more info.


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